Photo by NASA on Unsplash

Recovery of a Critical Project

Customer: Large USA based manufacturer of re-usable space transport craft.

Brief: Provide data logging systems for prototype craft and then for in-service craft.

Challenges: The project was in trouble and the customer was threatening to cancel.

Photo by NASA on Unsplash


I was reassigned onto this project as it was struggling and my goal was to re-establish confidence with the customer.

I held weekly project reviews with the customer to provide the insights and the data that they needed to show that the project was being managed correctly and being brought back under control.

I successfully brought it under control and built up a very strong relationship with a large customer.

Unique challenges:

Dealing with a remote company is always difficult and requires a lot of clear communication.

Turning around their attitude towards the company needed a lot of experience and skill.

Outcome: At the end of the project the customer told me that we had become one of their top two suppliers on their project. That was a huge turnaround.