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Welcome to MDDSystems

Get expert help with IoT system design that delivers immediate benefits.



Over 30 years designing sensor measurement systems



Designed and tested to aerospace quality standards


About Us

MDDSystems provides high quality consultancy and design services in the following areas:

Product Development (electronics and software)
Project Management
Sensor systems
Data monitoring and recording
Wireless data transmission
Data analysis

Looking for an IOT Solution?

To add sensors to an asset or a process.
To display your sensor data.
To perform calculations on your sensor data.
To send alert data from your asset to a phone.
To interface to a legacy data logging system.
To upgrade a legacy data logging system.

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Data Measurement

We design custom data acquisition and monitoring systems that interface with any type of sensor.
You’ll get a product that meets your requirements and is fully tested to your environmental specifications.
The data can be saved on the device or transmitted to a remote server.
Data can be processed on the device, thus saving on storage or transmission fees.

Data Analysis

Display data as a time history or in the frequency domain.
Calculate max, min, mean, rms, standard deviation etc.
Produce custom dashboards for your data.

Project Management

We can manage your projects from beginning to end or create processes that work for you.

Specialising in management of Product Development (electronics and software).

Training of new or experienced PMs.

Project initiation, execution or recovery.

We use the PMBOK framework.

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We can provide consultancy advice on all of the above areas.
Prototype designs are produced using our 7 Stage Process.

Application Areas

There are many suitable areas for our design, consultancy and Project Management expertise including:

Aircraft avionics
Aircraft flight test
Mining and construction machinery and vehicles
Electronics and software development

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Case Studies

The following are some examples of my work.

Wireless Data Logger

Test Program Recovery

Space Project Recovery

Helicopter Data Monitoring

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